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Williams Syndrome essays

Williams Syndrome essays Chromosomal Deficiencies - Williams Syndrome Pg 1 Williams Syndrome is a genetic disorder that was first discovered in 1961. It effects males and females equally. It can occur to all ethnicity and is present at birth. It occurs in about 1/20000 person and it causes both physical and developmental problems. This disorder has a personal touch to me, because my sister suffers from it. I hope to be able to shine some light on how it effects a family, and how it effects an individual on a more personal level. Williams Syndrome is caused by missing genetic material on chromosome #seven including the gene that makes the protein elastin ( a protein that provides strength and elasticity to vessel walls). It is likely that the elastin gene deletion accounts for the physical features of Williams syndrome. Some medical and developmental conditions are caused by deletions of materials near the gene elastin, and can very among individuals. In most families a child with Williams syndrome would be the only one in the entire extended family, but has a 50% chance of passing it onto their children. Many people with Williams syndrome go undiagnosed until a late age. This can be serious as people with Williams syndrome can have serious and possibly progressive medical problems. When the symptoms of Williams syndrome are discovered, the patient is usually referred top a genetic specialist where further diagnostic tests are run. The clinical diagnosis can be confirmed with a blood test. The technique is known as flourescent in situ hybridization (FISH). It discovers the gene elastin deletion on chromosome #seven. Ninety Eight % of people with Williams Syndrome have this deletion. Most children with Williams Syndrome are descried as having the same facial features. They can only be confirmed by a birth defect special, but they usually consist of small upturned noses, A long upper lip, wide mouth, full lips, small chin, and puffiness...

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Recruitment Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 words

Recruitment - Thesis Example The current project highlights the problem faced by Zuko, a Chinese software company, in the process of recruitment and selection of candidates. The China-based company through efficient software services has served millions of customers successfully over last ten years. The company was one of the most profit-making organizations in the country until it faced a downfall due to the faculty recruitment and selection process. Zuko was the leader in the IT industry, but a number of companies had surpassed this status owing to sound HR policy. The company had a large customer base and is trying to increase the same after the short hiatus due to problems associated with the recruitment and selection procedure. Zuko had failed to achieve its goals as intended. The management of the Chinese company is giving the effort to boost the organizational competence with increasing rivalry in the market. The HR managers of Zuko want to overcome the problem through external recruitment and selection o f candidates. The research topic will primarily focus on problems present in the process of recruitment and selection. The current paper intends to explore problems associated with the process of recruitment and selection in Zuko. The issue related to the selection of the employees from external sources is identified as a crucial aspect of facilitating long-term organizational success and growth. The company eventually witnessed a fall in the profit margins and realized the necessity of hiring more employees from outside sources.

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A global look at quality managemenr in universities Research Paper

A global look at quality managemenr in universities - Research Paper Example Universities across the world have been positing themselves as â€Å"world-class† in view of the market opportunities presented by globalization (Xavier and Alsagoff, 2013). In a global scenario, quality and perception of quality of a university is defined and determined by many internal as well as external mechanisms. In this context, quality of education has become a decisive factor while determining the management strategy for any university (Dobrzanski and Roszak, 2007, p.223). Xavier and Alsagoff (2013) have observed how universities present themselves as â€Å"world-class† to the global markets through many strategies, thereby attracting students from all over the world. Any examination of the quality of universities in global context will have to start with addressing the questions, what is defined by quality, and whether there are global standards of quality in education (Paradeise and Thoenig, 2013, p.189). Quality in the context of university education is ofte n defined as: Expression of significant range of educational effectiveness and reflection of a new approach in which need of systematic evaluation of undertaken activities is taking essential meaning including improvement and making endeavors towards accreditation which aim to confirm that all the standards of educational effectiveness are provided† (Dobrzanski and Roszak, 2007, p.223-4). Quality of university education can also be defined in terms of financial effectiveness, academic standards, and public usefulness as well (Dobrzanski and Roszak, 2007, p.224). ... This is an approach that ensures participation, plans long-term, aims at â€Å"customer satisfaction†, and brings benefits to all the academic and social stakeholders (Becket and Brookes, n.d., p.43). Fotopoulos and Psomas (2008) have studied TQM in the context of Greece and observed that any TQM model must have a â€Å"soft† and â€Å"hard† side, the â€Å"soft† side being a plan to address long term issues and related to â€Å"leadership, employee empowerment and culture† (p.151). The â€Å"hard† side on the other hand refers to â€Å"quality improvement tools and techniques† (Fotopoulos and Psomas, 2008, p.151). It is pointed out by Fotopoulos and Psomas (2008) that â€Å"there is no unique model for a good TQM programme and TQM is a network of interdependent elements, namely, critical factors, practices, techniques and tools† (Fotopoulos and Psomas, 2008, p.151). Yet, there have been a number of â€Å"TQM elements† id entified through various research projects and they are, leadership, strategic quality planning, employee management and involvement, supplier management, customer focus, process management, continuous improvement, information and analysis, knowledge and education, and TQM tools such as â€Å"flow charts, relations diagram, scatter diagram, control charts, pareto analysis, quality function deployment, design of experiments and so on† (Fotopoulos and Psomas, 2008, p.152-3). There are widely accepted quality frame works for universities other than TQM such as European Framework for Quality Management (EFQM) and SERVQUAL that approaches the issue from the customers' â€Å"perspective† (Becket and Brookes, n.d., p.43). The dynamics of the process of attaining

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Focal Point Consultants Essay Example for Free

Focal Point Consultants Essay While observing CanGo for last two weeks we at FPC (Focal Point Consultants ) have identified some six major issue that we feel should be addressed to allow the organization to better achieve there over all goals. First Concern—Priority 1 CanGo appears to have a financial issue and there is has not been a complete audit to address this issue. Also CanGo needs to learn how to use the resources that they already have and redefine the processes and procedures. First Recommendation The financial team at CanGo needs to work with all the key areas of the company to conduct an audit of current processes. This audit will allow for everyone to review all the current processes that are in place and determine what they can do to enhance them and at the same time the financial team can use this data to outline how much the current processes are costing the company overall. At the conclusion of this analysis the reports will allow for the company to cut spending in the correct areas so that they can improves the others. There are many things that can be done to make improvements without spending money or having to acquire new technology or devices. Within the warehouse for example the layout can be enhanced even more so that people are not wasting time walking. Minor and Major changes to just the layout will allow the CanGo to improve efficiency and overall performance. Each department head needs to complete a detailed time study on the processes they outlined above. Once this time study is complete then the data can be used to see what is taking the longest and make changes to that process. By taking these steps it will allow CanGo to approach improvements in the correct manner by taking those actions that don’t have ny hit to the company’s bottom line. After all these types of changes are complete that is when and only when money should be spent on new technology and devices to make processes more efficient. Second Concern—Priority 2 The loyalty of customers for the specific targeting market is declining. Second Recommendation Think about how you want to be treated as a consumer. Now apply that same concept to the targeting market. Review the evaluations that are submitted by the consumers. It will tell what impression the company is making. Also, spend time in the Customer Service department. This the first point of contact for consumer. How they are handle will determine whether a consumer will return: Customer service might just be the most critical of all in running your business. If your customers like how they are treated, not only will they keep coming back, but they will refer you to others. Treating customers as individuals and not as a stepping stone up your ladder of success can go a long way. Listen to their concerns and build a relationship with them. If your customer feels as though you have their best interest they will be loyal to you. Your customers can really do a lot of your marketing for you. Word of mouth, especially in a world where Facebook and Twitter are some people’s main way of communicating, is a very powerful tool (Debs Marketing Connections, 2012). Third Concern – Priority 3 Online purchases CanGo has talked about that they have a high rate of items added to the online shopping cart. Although this information does not support the amount of purchases actually received via CanGo’s online website. Third Recommendation  Having a high rate of items added to an online shopping cart means that you have a good storefront and getting customer’s to actually place the items within there shopping carts. This is only one piece of the multipart puzzle. The shopping site needs to be enhanced to entice the customer to actually complete their purchase as that is how we are going to make money overall. Since there is a high traffic volume to the website we would also recommend that the marketing team reach out to a third party website advertising company that will pay to place ads on CanGo’s website. This will drive also be another source of revenue for CanGo so they can then reinvest this money back into the company. Fourth Concern – Priority 4 While Reviewing the videos from weeks 3 and 4 I saw a issue that they is an issue within the warehouse and they do have a solution but no really reviewed the reports that Debbie provided. I think that these reports should have been reviewed while in the meeting so that they could have discussed all the points of the issue and the recommended solution to the warehouse productivity issue. Then Liz asked the group a question I wonder how the board will feel about this recommendation. Fourth Recommendation A solution to this problem would be to complete a full audit of the issue and do a trial run analysis of the proposed solution. This would allow for recommendations to be made to the board and the results of the proposed solution can be given right away. As people need to see measurable figures so that they can tell if something will be worth putting the time and money into the project. Fifth Concern – Priority 5  In the week 4 Videos they are talking about the market segment of boys in Japan. They ask each other questions about how they can get the market analysis complete and then the gentlemen having lunch say that I will do it. Fifth Recommendation There are a couple of thing on this problem that needs to be solved first managers should not interrupt an employee’s lunch unless it is extremely urgent. This is an issue because the employee stated he is Just trying to enjoy my lunch break. The Manager should have approached the employee at a later time when he was not at lunch. Then there is the issue of the market analysis. This assignment should get assigned out to a third party marketing company that can tap into the market in Japan and gauge what the consumer wants. This would be a lot more cost effective than attempting the complete this analysis on their own and wasting resources that they dont have in the first place. Sixth Concern – Priority 6 Sales are not increasing as projected for the company possibly due to the design of the online purchasing process. Sixth Recommendation Place a test run on the current online purchase process as a consumer. Time the entire process to see how long it takes. As the test run is being completed, keep the consumers’ needs and wants in mind. Determine if needs were met as well as satisfied. View the information available to see if it’s appealing to lead to the purchase the item. Also, notate likes and dislikes of the experience. Have a group of employees to assist to gather more information for comparison. Determine what updates can be implemented to entice the consumer to make a purchase. Keep track of different trends to keep a competitive edge for things like: 1.  In-store pick up. In the past few months we’ve seen Walmart implement in-store pick up for orders placed online, while Sears and Kmart are going a step further bringing online purchases out to your car. In Chicago, Sears and Kmart are even testing home delivery and bundling items with those from its retail partners at Sears’ Marketplace, further blurring the lines between online only retailers and those that came before. And in Florida, Farm Stores lets shoppers order groceries online and pick up at a drive through. 2. Pick up depots.  Smaller retailers without a vast network of stores like Walmart or Sears may open designated pick up locations for goods ordered online. Retail consultant Neil Stern of McMillan/Doolittle points to French retailer Chronodrive. com as an example. 3. Mobile Apps. Smartphones are the dominant cell phone and apps for all platforms are growing. The ones that allow for price comparisons or send out coupons are already among the most heavily used with good reviews, but we’re just getting started. 4. Less flash more function. Forget about flashy apps or features like virtual dressing rooms.  Consumers haven’t responded to these and rightly so. Maybe the technology will get there, but until it does, user reviews are better gauges of clothing fit and quality than any technology can offer. 5. Video. Look for more user-generated video on retail sites. Retailers are letting customers upload video clips modeling new clothes or using a new purchase. Davis believes this is one trend that will definitely pick up speed. 6. Social networking. Facebook and Twitter aren’t even close to played out yet. Consumers can increasingly â€Å"like† or follow a favorite retailer and get discounts or tips on deals.  JCPenney is using Facebook to actually sell goods and more than 12 million consumers â€Å"like† Victoria’s Secret on Facebook as of last month (March), making it the most popular retailer on the site (its Pink brand ranks No. 2, according to the ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index). That’s an active population of customers reaching out and requesting information from the retailer. And social shopping is just getting started, says Jim Okamura, managing partner at Okamura Consulting, a group specializing in online retail. There’s evidence (that Facebook offers) a good return on investment and there are a lot of retailers that haven’t done anything yet,† he says. â€Å"This is going to be the year of Facebook testing. 7. Daily deals and flash sales. This may seem like a very crowded playing field, but sites like Ruelala and OneKingsLane are reproducing at a furious pace. And based on how quickly many items sell out, often within minutes of email notifications going out, more will jump on this popular trend. 8. Retail based social networks. This is one trend experts don’t expect to happen at any large level. Sears is still trying to build a social network of its own customers and Walmart tried and abandoned a similar effort, neither attempt bodes well for its success. Facebook really owns this space, but look for small, focused sites to create communities of like-minded users, says Okamura. 9. International. â€Å"There’s been an accelerating trend in international or cross border e commerce, of small niche online retailers are now doing 10-20% of their sales outside of their own country,† says Okamura. Look to online shops like SousVide Supreme that sells specialized cooking equipment and StyleTrek. com, a community built to launch up and coming international designers as models. Other big name retailers like Zara and Top Shop are building out their online business to reach U. S. shoppers, even as the store base grows more slowly. 10. Deal aggregators. Of course there are always deal sites, like Dealnews, ConsumerSearch, FatWallet and Brad’s Deals that are cutting through the din of so many sites and sales to bring consumers only the information they’re interested in. (Forbes, 2012).

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Iron Deficiency Anemia Essay examples -- Health Medicine Papers

Iron Deficiency Anemia I. Introduction Iron Deficiency Anemia affects millions of individuals across the world. This disease strikes many more women than men and has harmful effects on all who suffer from this deficiency that causes oxygen-carrying capacity to decrease. The causes can vary amongst different groups, but the aggravating symptoms remain constant. Much of the research on Iron Deficiency Anemia concentrates on not only the treatment of this disease, but also the prevention of it. To attain a better understanding of how to treat this problem, one must clearly know what Iron Deficiency Anemia means, what causes this disease, the effects of it, and finally how to cure it. II. What Is Iron Deficiency Anemia? Iron is a mineral that is found the in hemoglobin of the Red Blood Cells. It facilitates in the transport of oxygen all over the body. Without this mineral, oxygen cannot be carried to its full capacity. 1 out of 10 women and small children have iron deficiencies. Lacking iron causes lethargy and a weakened immune system. Children who do not have an adequate intake of iron put themselves at risk for intellectual developmental problems. However, an iron deficient person is not necessarily anemic. 7.8 million women are iron deficient, while only 3.3 million women are anemic ( When the deficiency becomes so severe that the circulating Red Blood Count and the minerals Ht, Hg, and Hem drop below normal, anemia occurs (See Figure 1). The hormone androgen causes men and women to have different normal values of the hemogram ( Low ferritin (iron storage molecule) and high TIBC (tota... ... â€Å"Improvement in iron deficiency anemia through therapy with ferric ammonium citrate and vitamin C.† April 1991; 37 (2): 161-71. Yonezawa, K, Hokkaido Igaku Zasshi, â€Å"Effect of blood hemoglobin on concentration on anaerobic threshold.† July 1991; 66(4): pages 458-67. (

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Euthanasia: The merciful alternative Essay

â€Å"There is a time to be born and a time to die†¦ a time to kill and a time to heal†¦ a time to search and a time to give up.†(Ecclesiastes 3:2a, 3a, 6a) Euthanasia enthusiasts would agree with this quote. Euthanasia is a word that can be defined as the intentional termination of life by another at the explicit request of the person who dies. (Webster’s dictionary) The purpose of this essay is to fortify the positive role of euthanasia by explaining why it is that terminally ill patients consider euthanasia an option and what the ethical views concerning this issue are. The main reason for which people consider ending their life through euthanasia is because they are terminally ill. Terminally ill patients are those who have been diagnosed with a progressive degenerative disease for which there is not a known cure. These diseases include those such as Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, Huntington’s Disease, or Alzheimer’s Disease. There are three things that motivate terminally ill patients to end their life. The first reason being that they do not want to diminish their assets by incurring large medical expenses as their death approaches, and as an act of generosity they would rather die sooner, leaving their beneficiaries their assets. The second reason that one may consider euthanasia is that when they realize death is near, they wish to have total control over the process. In addition when a person relies on continuous care from another person, they feel that they have lost their independence, which can be considered as a loss of personal d ignity. ( Binner 2 There are two interesting ethical issues pertaining to euthanasia. The first issue examined is the Physician’s Oath, which states, â€Å"Follow that system of regimen which, according to [his] ability and judgment, [he] consider[s] for the benefit of [his] patients.†(Hippocrates) Which translated to the idea that if a patient feels the need to end their life due to a degenerative disease, then the physician, with the consent of the patient, may do so without the intervention of the law telling him or her what they are allowed  to do. According to this oath, if euthanasia is a rational method for their patient to consider, the law should not intervene. The second ethical issue to be looked at is religion. Many religious groups believe that God gave life and therefore God is the only one who can take life away. When applied to this belief, euthanasia is a sin. Many faith groups such as Christian, Muslim or Jewish, believe that these degenerative diseases and incurable pains are a divinely appointed opportunity for learning and purification. To challenge these beliefs with euthanasia would be to go against their faith in God. Euthanasia will be debated for many years to come. With the information set forth hopefully the beneficial aspects of euthanasia have been made clear. It is important to remember that treatments of physical symptoms are only part of the problem. Mental, social, and spiritual pains all add to the load that a terminally ill patient carries.

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Transgender Students Face Discrimination On A Daily Basis

Transgender students face discrimination on a daily basis. The schools should be a safe place for students but, unfortunately, teachers, administers, and others students pass judgment, bully, and isolate them. The ignorance displayed in many parts of the United States towards the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT community have made their daily entrance, but they still have a difficult sometimes because of their gender. There are schools that discriminate and schools that do not discriminate against transgender individuals. People need to know how to treat one another when it comes to LGBT populations’ because they have feelings just like everyone else. Schools that discriminate against transgender individuals do not care how they mistreat them. This is a huge problem in the world because students that establish different genders are forced to use restricted restrooms and alternate facilities. Parents and attorneys consider that discrimination. A high school in Chicago has 30 days to handle a situation involving a transgender student who classifies themselves as girls, and wants to shower and get ready in the girls’ locker rooms. â€Å"Thad Ballard elected to keep transgender students from using the facilities that match their identities, and he want other students to respect other people’s sexual orientations† (Bosman Rich, 2015 p. 2). A Republican lawmaker from Wisconsin put forward an act that will keep all transgender students from using any facilities.Show MoreRelatedSports, Equality, And Act On The Locker Room Essay1632 Words   |  7 Pageslives. It affects how we walk, talk, and act on a daily basis. What truly is gender though? Gender is what defines many facets of our culture, and differentiates the roles people take on as men or women. Today, most countries define gender as the genetic and biological traits we are born with. However, what if someone felt they were supposed to be the opposite gender of the one they were born into? That is precisely the feeling that transgenders have from a young age. The feeling of not belongingRead MoreThe Issue Of Public Bathrooms Essay1872 Words   |  8 Pagesbathrooms seem to arise and now one of those issues being about transgender students and which bathroom is acceptable for them to use in public schools. For those that may not know, the term transgender refers to those of who identify themselves as being the opposite gender rather than the sex that was determined at birth. A student in school who may identify as a transgender is going into the bathroom to do the same as any other student or person in the building. They go in to take care of their businessRead MoreThe Transgender Community Is Becoming More And More Accepted2252 Words   |  10 Pagesdo you use the one in which you define yourself as? Transgender people tend to face this difficult decision each time they are in a public place especially schools. The transgendered community is becoming more and more accepted in society’s eyes, but they still face discrimination from people, and society. The issues that the transgender community faces and are frequently discussed, but no efficient resolutions have been made. More transgender people are â€Å"coming out† and are living life as the genderRead MoreThe Controversy Over Public Bathrooms Essay1873 Words   |  8 PagesTransgender Controversy   Ã‚  Ã‚   Public bathrooms are meant to be something simple which means that there is ultimately one for each gender, given male or female. Dating back to the years when men and women used the same facilities to during segregation when bathrooms were separated between men, women, and colored to what it’s like today shows that it’s not the first time that bathroom facilities have divided America’s people. And as the world evolves and changes, new problems dealing with bathrooms seemRead MoreTitle Ix And The Law1480 Words   |  6 Pagesto counter it. The main purpose of this law was originally to give girls the opportunity to play the same sports as boys were able to, and thanks to the law girls are now given these opportunities to play sports in addition to also give many transgender students more rights within the schools than ever before. Even with all these steps forward in society, there are still those who believe that this law has pushed society back in stead. Just as this law had created more opportunities for women, it seemsRead MoreBullying Is Defined As Written, Verbal And Physical Conduct1374 Words   |  6 PagesAccording to GLSEN, bullying is defined as written, verbal or physical conduct that adversely affects the ability of one or more students to participate in or benefit from the school’s educational programs or activities by placing the student or students in reasonable fear of physical harm ( This includes conduct that is based on a student’s actual or perceived race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion or any other distinguishingRead MoreGender Is Essential Dependent On Norms And Behavioral Expectations2232 Words   |  9 Pagesgender†. Under the umbrella scope of gender, the tribulations of transgender amongst three major states (Salem, Ohio; Bucks County, Pennsylvania; and New Haven, Connecticut) will be discussed. Transgender is a â€Å"term used to describe individuals who exhibit gender-nonconforming identities and behaviors, or in other words, those who transcend typical gender paradigms† (Ryan Futterman, 1997). In Schrock et al. study, it showed that transgender used their body as a â€Å"resource for constructing the genderRead MoreThe Constitution Is A Mere Quixotic Theory989 Words   |  4 Pagesthat as it may, there have been several cases where freedom of speech has been breached by external conflicts. For instance, a fraternity member from the University of Oklahoma sends a racist and misogynistic blog towards a former African American student, which later was soon deleted by the President of the University Wallace D. Loh. Although this was an irrational and unethical statement, above all â€Å"hate speeches that should be suppressed and statements that — no matter how vile — are protected underRead MoreThe International Declaration Of Human Rights Essay1835 Words   |  8 Pages Our country, New Zealand, is known worldwide as a beacon of human rights, from when it became the first country to grant women suffrage in 1893, but discrimination and prejudice runs rampant through its streets even today. Before you so vehemently deny this, damning accusation that it is, you must consider the discrimination against transgender citizens in this country. We can no longer simply tolerate trans citizens in New Zealand, but support them as you would your cisgender, or those who identifyRead MoreTransgender Kids and Their Right to Choose to Go to Any Bathroom They Please1810 Words   |  7 Pagescenters around the heated debate over whether Transgender kids should be able to choose what restroom they would like to use based solely on their gender identity. Breaking new ground and blazing new trails to create equality for all is the state of California. Democratic Governor, Jerry Brown, signed Assembly Bill No. 1266 (known as AB1266), which was an act to amend Section 22 1.5 of the Education Code, relating to pupil rights. The new law gives all students the right â€Å"to participate in sex-segregated